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Hong Kong Article 23 solidarity, 14 Jan, 2003

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We received the following letter from Hong Kong in response to details of the picket of the Chinese Embassy:

A friend has forwarded your mail on the demonstration to me. I am involved in a coalition of 49 organisations campaigning for the set up of a human rights commission and against article 23. I will forward your mail to the organisers.

Article 23 is a major concern in Hong Kong now, the government is receiving attacks from all quarters. On 15th December, around 100,000 people marched against the implementation of article 23, it is the biggest demonstration since June 4th.

The Hong Kong government may release the Blue paper (the details of the bill) around mid February, there will be more actions from then onward. Internatinal pressure is important because it will hurt the image of 'World City' that the Hong Kong government is desperate to build. We can't stop the bill 'cause we don't have a fully elected legislative council but the struggle will carry on. There are already more demonstrations on the abuse of power by the police when they incrasingly use the public security law to arrest and charge protesters.

Thank you for the solidarity and keep supporting us. If you need any info. I will be happy to supply.

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