Brook Primary

Submitted by Janine on 1 November, 2005 - 3:17

Brook Community Primary School is in its first full year of Fresh Start. Teachers, other staff, and the kids, are all working hard, and things seem to be getting better.

But is the school getting the support it deserves from the authorities?

Brook submitted its plan for improving attainment (a document vital to getting its funding), but the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) did not even read it for several months! The school year began without desks when suppliers failed to deliver in time for day one.

Brook has reached half term with building work still unfinished and with some years without enough books for kids to take home to read.

At Easter, the Learning Trust clawed back funds and forced three Year 1 classes to merge into two. Hackney Solidarity’s Janine Booth wrote to the DfES to complain. Their reply stated that the Learning Trust will now change its policy and not claw back funds midway through the year.

Protesting can change things. So if we want more changes, then we need more protests!

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