Off to the seaside

Submitted by Janine on Sat, 10/09/2005 - 19:13

I'm off to TUC Congress in Brighton tomorrow. I'm hoping to do some blogging while there, so check back for news of the latest goings-on.

The first highlight should be the demonstration by the sacked Gate Gourmet workers on Monday morning, the same day as debates on the anti-union laws.

I know of two emergency resolutions which deserve support. My union, RMT, has submitted one on the privatisation of South East Trains, and there is one from the CWU about women's rights (or lack of them) in the draft Iraqi constituion.

I'm hoping to raise the issue of the looming attack on abortion rights, although unfortunately there is no resolution on the subject.

I have already received one glossy invitation to get my snout in the trough with the employers - a buffet and reception with Network Rail. Strangely, I always thought that trade union events were a chance to get away from bosses not to socialise with them!

I'll give that a miss, and try to get to fringe meetings about solidarity with Iraqi unions, Post Office privatisation, and the Labour Representation Committee, amongst others.

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