'Hackney Independent' in Hoxton by-election

Submitted by Janine on 25 April, 2005 - 9:26

'Hackney Independent' - formerly the Hackney branch of the Independent Working Class Association - is standing a candidate in the Hoxton by-election, which is taking place on May 5th, the same day as the General Election.

Their candidate's spiel for the Hackney Gazette (limited to 50 words) is as follows:

William Butler (known as Tony)

Political statement

You won't see Labour or the rest in Hoxton after the election - they don't live here. We’re the only ones you see between elections. Councillors pocket £10,000 a year. With that we’ll open a Hackney Independent office in Hoxton where local people can discuss and sort out local problems.


The only Hoxton resident standing and only council tenant. Tony is 47, a father of two and grandfather of six. He is a truck driver and is an RMT union member. He is active in Wenlock Barn Tenant Association and led the campaign to establish the "blue hut" youth club.

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