Workers' Liberty intro school

Submitted by martin on Sun, 07/01/2018 - 20:01

Transforming the labour movement

Key ideas: · Class organisation · Trade unions · Trade union bureaucracy · Rank and file · Labour Party · Working class political representation

Read: "What socialists do, and how we do it". Can Socialism Make Sense?, pp.331-344


1. Why must the working class organise?
2. Why are most trade unions bureaucratic and passive?
3. On what basis should trade-union rank and file movements be organised?
4. Why and how do we run workplace bulletins?
5. What do we aim to achieve in the Labour Party? What sort of Labour left do we want to help build?

Public speaking

Contact work

Paper sales

What the AWL does, and how the AWL works

Key ideas: · Agitate · Educate · Organise

Questions: 1. What does agitation mean?
2. How is agitation different from propaganda?
3. Why is Marxist education necessary for working class self-liberation?
4. How do revolutionaries organise? What do we mean by democratic centralism?
5. What arrangements do you have for educationals and for mentoring?

IoE - Bedford Way, London - room 639


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