The age of ABM

Submitted by Tubeworker on Mon, 25/09/2017 - 13:20

LU's "super contract" for outsourced cleaning work is finally here, and American firm ABM has taken over contracts previously run by Interserve, ISS, and Vinci.

For many cleaners, in practical terms it may feel like not much has changed except the logo on the uniform. But there's plenty to look out for in the transfer process, and many battles to fight. Speak to a union rep to make sure you've been "TUPEd" (transferred) over on the right pay, terms, and conditions, and if you're called into a meeting with management where you're required to bring immigration papers, speak to a union rep first and ask for legal advice.

The consolidation of cleaning contracts into a single contract held by a single employer points in the direction of further consolidation: the reversal of outsourcing and bringing cleaning back in house. Tubeworker fully supports RMT's demonstration at City Hall on 12 October to demand exactly this, and hopes to see as many of our readers and supporters as possible in attendance. Details are online here.

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