Central Line drivers deliver huge majority for strikes: stand firm to get Danny back on the front!

Submitted by Tubeworker on Mon, 25/09/2017 - 13:04

RMT's Central Line drivers' ballot, which saw drivers at all depots at both ends of the line balloted for industrial action to win the reinstatement of sacked colleague Danny Davis, returned an absolutely thumping majority.

Easily beating the Tories' "double threshold" (a minimum 50% turnout, and a minimum 40% of all those balloted voting yes to action), the final score was 99% in favour of action on a 77% turnout.

This is a superb result and a testament to the excellent campaign reps and activists have run in the depots. The result puts us in a very strong position; with rank-and-file Aslef members committing not to cross RMT picket lines, the company knows it will have total shutdown of the Central Line on its hands if it doesn't see sense and reverse Danny's unjust sacking.

The ball is in LU's court now. Let's remember that the demand of this dispute is to get Danny back on the front of a train. The fight doesn't stop until that's achieved.

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