What A Shower

Submitted by Tubeworker on Thu, 20/07/2017 - 17:18

As fleet maintenance workers on the Picc <a href=http://www.workersliberty.org/node/31274>gear up for industrial action to win permanent jobs for fixed-term contract workers</a>, evidence of possible management skulduggery abounds.

The showers at Northfields depot were, until very recently, giving out only scalding hot water. The post-shift shower is a pretty essential workplace facility if you don't want to go home covered in grime and grease, and the problem was effectively denying workers this right. Despite repeated communications from reps to management, the problem persisted, leading to widespread rumours that the depot manager and infrastructure manager might've tampered with the water mixer.

The problem has since been addressed, but the amount of chivying along that management required in order to address it does not inspire confidence. Here at <i>Tubeworker</i>, we don't like to spread conspiracy theories, but there's very little we'd put past our bosses.

Whatever lay behind the shower problem, we're all looking forward to rock-solid industrial action from 25 July to remind the bosses who really runs the job.

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