Vinci Immigration Busts?

Submitted by Tubeworker on Thu, 20/07/2017 - 18:00

<i>Tubeworker</i> HQ has heard rumours that Vinci cleaners are getting messages from their managers summoning them to random meetings where they're met with demands to produce their immigration papers or proofs of right-to-work.

UK immigration policy is a shifting landscape designed to discriminate against poorer migrants. If you get any invite to any formal meeting with management, tell your union and make sure you bring a rep. Speak to your rep first, as it may be appropriate to seek advice from the union's legal department about the best approach.

We are well used to cleaning companies using workers' immigration statuses as a means of disciplining us - either by threatening to report us to immigration authorities if we step out of line, or, in some cases, summoning known activists to meetings where they found UKBA officials waiting for them.

<i>Tubeworker</i> believes we are all workers, and more importantly all humans, regardless of what country we were born in or what our immigration status is. Our unions need to do more to empower members, particularly those who may be vulnerable on this front, with knowledge about the law and their rights. Ultimately, though, it is only collective action and solidarity that can protect us, and if Vinci don't back off, we should consider a campaign to force them.

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