Submitted by Tubeworker on Tue, 27/06/2017 - 00:19

It was recently announced, following a study by scientists from London Metropolitan University, that various "superbugs" were loose in LU tunnels and stations, borne on poor quality air.

The Mayor has come up with the bright idea of doing a "super clean" on up to 50 stations overnight over the summer.

Following job cuts, cleaners numbers are stretched to breaking point, even with agency replacements: where will the cleaners come from? Most day shift cleaners will cover three or more stations; afternoon shift cleaners cover five or more; night shift cleaners might cover three on their own.

The mayor is talking about magnet wands to collect iron fillings and industrial vacuums to clean up the problem. This is unlikely to work. There is a huge build up of dust in the tunnels from brake dust, ballast dust, and all sorts of other materials (human hair, rodent hair, dead skin....). Tunnel walls have not been deep cleaned in years.

The problem certainly needs addressing, but job cuts have left cleaning staff ill equipped to do so. LU needs to insist that its contractors reverse job cuts or, better still, take cleaning back in house.

In the meantime, try not think too hard about what you might be breathing in when you do SATS, clean on a platform, or even travel on the Tube!

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