Bought And Sold

Submitted by Tubeworker on Sat, 29/04/2017 - 17:50

ISS cleaners on the JNP contract have received letters from the company informing them that ISS will not be retaining its contract beyond 2017. The letters explain the "Transfer Undertakings (Protection of Employment" (TUPE) regulations under which ISS cleaners will be transferred over to a new employer. Who that new employer will be, however, ISS either doesn't know, or isn't telling.

It's somewhat ironic that the only time ISS has ever written to its employees on any matter involving their rights is when it's disposing of them. After being kept in the dark for months, and remaining there, many ISS cleaners feel as if they're commodities being bought and sold, traded between different contractors.

RMT reps have consistently pressed ISS, and LU, for info, and have been stonewalled. Cleaners are worried about who will be paying their wages come the new year.

Of course, the question of who the cleaners' employer will be could be settled in a very simple, direct way... if LU took cleaning services back in house.

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