More Trouble at Victoria's New Entrance

Submitted by Tubeworker on Fri, 24/02/2017 - 14:47

Another tragedy occurred outside the new Cardinal Place entrance to Victoria Underground Station at around 15:00 yesterday (23 February) as a man sustained life-changing injuries as part of the entrance signage came free and hit him in the head during high winds and very close in proximity to the very spot where a man suffered a fatal heart attack at the same entrance recently.

High winds due to Storm Doris meant that the new entrance had to be closed as staff were deployed to stop commuters from entering that entrance and contractors hurried to repair the signage which was flapping about like a pair of socks on a washing line! Only a meagre stretched hazard tape across the entrance area as well as the vigilance of staff, who were nearly blown off their feet due to the high winds, stopped commuters from entering the station. Eventually Police closed off Victoria Street due to the ferocious winds.

Thankfully the man is now conscious and talking to his family but sadly as stated he has received life-changing injuries. As we write, the new entrance is still currently closed as further investigations and repairs are carried out. A formal investigation is also under way with the ORR and Health and Safety Reps and staff will get details of the full investigation according to the Area Manager at Victoria.

During a trial operation of the new entrance, a member of staff received a hand injury when operating the huge and cumbersome Bostwick gates.

Staff who witnessed and aiding the man yesterday were considerably shaken up. Staff at Victoria expressed their thoughts and concerns were for the injured man.

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