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Submitted by Tubeworker on Mon, 06/02/2017 - 12:29

ISS, one of the major contractors on London Underground, has given notice that 31 December will be the last day of their contract. ISS cleaners have no idea who they'll be working for after that. Vinci has also served notice. Although Interserve is thought to be a leading bidder for the new "super contract", Interserve cleaners have no firm information either. We will all be sold off to the highest (or, in fact, the cheapest!) bidder like modern-day slaves.

At work - and, sometimes, within our union - it feels like cleaners are forgotten about; the last to be thought about. It feels like the union has focused more on high-profile disputes and taken its eye off the ball when it comes to our situation.

The consolidation of LU's cleaning contracts into a single "super contract" has been pushed back to the end of 2017, but we still don't know who the leading bidders are or who we might be sold off. RMT must push for LU to open up and stop keeping cleaners in the dark about our future.

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