Ballot Imminent on Fleet: Strike Against Job Cuts!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 18/01/2017 - 22:58,

RMT has declared a new dispute on fleet, as management tries to pull a fast one with job cuts and breaching agreements.

A union statement cites "ongoing attacks at various levels", such as:

  • Not consulting or negotiating with this Union about reducing staff numbers within Fleet
  • Breaching our agreement on Night Tube and their failure to recruit the additional staff to cover this job
  • Actively attacking our Reps for carrying out their duties
  • Not following the correct process when seeking to change rosters
  • Removing a very long and established practice of ‘phone in days’ throughout Fleet without full and meaningful consultation
  • Station staff will undoubtedly hear echoes of their own struggles here. Failing to increase the staffing level, despite an increased workload, and indeed cutting jobs will be familiar to many. And the abuse of procedures and breaching agreements parallel recent drivers' disputes on the Picc, H&C, and Central.

    Tubeworker encourages all fleet members to vote yes to strikes and action short once the ballot gets underway. Reps and activists across all grades should be looking for ways to link up and coordinate the disputes.

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