Flat Lining on the Picc

Submitted by Tubeworker on Sun, 27/11/2016 - 21:34

The Piccadilly line staggers through its most embarrassing leaf fall season with a fleet that's not fit for the present let alone the future.

Trains are unfit for service because of flats, a problem that always gets worse when leaves fall on open sections and wheels skid as a result. But this year it is significantly worse.

Management seems to want to blame drivers, pulling them off trains and grilling them about their braking habits. But perhaps they need to look instead at the soft metal wheels, poor quality of the track, and poor rail adhesion. And if they are so determined to blame the drivers, they might consider that there are loads of new drivers on the line and not enough Instructor Operators!

Meanwhile, our passengers are having a nightmare, and when passengers have a nightmare, stations get overcrowded and station staff get grief. And when there are not enough station staff, things fall apart.

Time to stop blaming staff and cutting corners.

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