"Super Contract" Rumours

Submitted by Tubeworker on Fri, 18/11/2016 - 22:48

Rumours abound that LU wants it proposed "super contract", under which it plans to consolidated all existing cleaning contracts in early 2017, to include other aspects of ancillary and maintenance work as well.

This means it might be looking to outsource a huge range of cleaning and maintenance services to a single contractor. Tubeworker recognises that outsourced workers currently employed by dozens of different bosses coming under a single employer is a step forward, but cleaners will be understandably wary about the future. With existing contractors like Interserve currently amongst the frontrunners, the outlook is bleak: they run a cowboy operation as it is, routinely failing to pay workers in full and on time. How much worse will that be when their contract takes on thousands of additional staff?

The only organisation with the capacity and resources to provide all the work required, including training and equipping all the staff, is... TfL/LU itself. LU's own plans for consolidation are a glaring argument for bringing cleaning and other outsourced services back in house.

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