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Submitted by Tubeworker on Fri, 18/11/2016 - 22:46

A recent agreement on trains means that all drivers who volunteered to work New Year's Eve will be booked on as spares, and get the bonus, in addition to any Night Tube drivers who work their rostered duties.

It's good that more drivers are getting the bonus. But it raises questions about why it's only paid to one grade.

(For more on this issue, click here.)

Unions should fight for the NYE bonus to be paid as a flat-rate, consolidated payment to anyone - driver or station staff - who works NYE. LU should also pay the bonus to cleaners.

The bonus being flat-rate and consolidated into pay is important, because a) it guarantees it will help those who need it most (£350 is worth far more to a lower paid worker) and b) it is included in our pensionable pay.

The only kind of union that could fight for this effectively is one which organises all workers, regardless of grade or function.

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