Jeremy Corbyn and the Middle East

Submitted by AWL on 25 July, 2016 - 2:52

Below are some articles discussing Corbyn's politics in connection with the Middle East, particularly Iran, and more generally.

Corbyn and the Middle East: the hypocrisy of the right, a challenge for the left (by Sacha Ismail, July 2015)

For Corbyn, and better politics (by Colin Foster, July 2015)

James Bloodworth is wrong about Jeremy Corbyn (by Sacha Ismail, August 2015)

I'm backing Jeremy Corbyn, despite his unsavoury “friends” (by Peter Tatchell, September 2015)

Open letter to Jeremy Corbyn on repression in Iran (from the Iranian Revolutionary Marxist Tendency, July 2016)

Corbyn: their criticism and ours (by Colin Foster, July 2016)

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