Transform the labour movement!

Submitted by AWL on 13 June, 2016 - 7:14

This 20-page pamphlet from Workers' Liberty, published in its second edition (September 2016) with new material from after the EU referendum and the coup in the Labour Party, sets out ideas and perspectives for transforming the labour movement to make it an effective force for working-class self-assertion.


"The left-wing surge which has shaken the Labour Party means an opportunity to revive the socialist left and begin to make serious headway reviving the labour movement.

"To do that requires clear, sharp socialist ideas and a vigorous debate on the left – in Momentum, in the Labour Party, in the unions, among left activists generally. This is a contribution to developing that debate. We encourage comment and replies, from individuals and from organisations. The movement needs a stronger culture of debate and discussion...

"We advocate that the left sets itself the goal of winning a workers’ government, a government accountable to the labour movement which acts for the working class against the wealth and power of the rich; that we seek to transform the labour movement, the Labour Party and the trade unions to make that possible; and that we argue and fight for socialism, a new society based on common ownership, production for need, and democracy. These are big, bold ideas and goals, a long way from where we are currently – and that's the point."


Sections include: • Re-elect Corbyn - and then? • Jeremy Corbyn for PM? • Aim for a workers' government! • Transform the Labour Party • Transform the unions • Build and develop Momentum • After the referendum: fight nationalism, building working-class unity • The left, nationalism and racism • Class struggle, class politics • Stand up for socialism • Democracy vs the state • Get educated, get organised

You can buy at the link below (prices include postage) - or to meet an AWL member in your area to buy a copy face to face, at a slightly lower price, email


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