Invading Our Privacy

Submitted by Tubeworker on Wed, 13/04/2016 - 11:46

On stations, the new "Fit for the Future" model has resulted in too many people having too much access to our personal information. Station Supervisors, re-branded as "Customer Service Managers", now have to do Return to Work Interviews and Disciplinaries, so they know our reasons for sickness, our medication, and other personal circumstances that lead to absence.

These personal issues were previously only discussed with a small number of Duty Managers away from the station environment, but they are now being shared amongst a much larger group of managers who work alongside us. In some cases personal information is being shared on large e-mail lists including every CSM in a station group. And is this information being stored securely? Is it locked away so that no other staff can access it?

LUL was determined to introduce management grades into the station environment as part of its Fit for the Future restructure. But large-scale sharing of personal information was always going to be an inevitable consequence of this multiplication of managers.

This is yet another consequence of LUL callously pressing ahead with its plans while disregarding the dignity of its staff.

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