4% pay rise on JNP, fourth strike on DLR

Submitted by Tubeworker on Mon, 19/10/2015 - 19:28

Tubeworker is pleased to hear that ISS cleaners on JNP have been given a 4% pay rise taking pay from £8.80 to £9.15.

The cleaners' union had asked for a substantial pay rise; and this offer will be discussed at a reps meeting - to which all cleaners should go and have their voice heard. It’s a positive step but there is still much for cleaners to fight for: even better pay, stronger terms and conditions and decent pensions.All transport workers must back that fight.

Meanwhile, on the Docklands Light Railway, Interserve cleaners struck for the fourth time over pay and conditions. They struck for 48 hours from 15-16 October. The bosses had promised new talks after the last strike, but have chosen to ignore their employees demands. Theirs is a courageous battle which we should all support. The unions must continue and build on efforts to organise cleaners, and cleaners must join the union to have their voices heard and to fight back against the bosses.

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