Wot No Monitors? (Thank heavens for station staff...)

Submitted by Tubeworker on Wed, 15/04/2015 - 01:45

Technical problems led to monitors in Victoria Line train cabs going out of action on Tuesday 13 April.

That meant, at many busy stations, drivers relying more heavily than normal on CSAs doing SATS duties to make sure it was safe to close doors and move off. Teamwork between drivers and station staff ensured the loss of monitor signal didn't lead to any major incidents.

But fast forward to a similar scenario a year from now, in brave new world of "Fit for the Future" where station staffing levels have been cut to the bone. Yes, the company will be maintaining SATS duties, and in some places increasing their length and coverage. But what happens if a VIP or MIP arrives, or there's an incident on the platform that requires attention, or basically anything at all? Where will the station staff to deal with this come from? They'll have to be taken off a gateline, or off a platform - potentially meaning there'd be gaps in the SATS duties. And if the drivers' in-cab or platform OPO monitors weren't working, then what?

LU's plans to cut frontline staffing levels rely on a vision of a transport system where nothing ever happens that requires staff response. Back in the real world, a safe and accessible Tube needs properly staffed stations.

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