Management Take The Piss At Elephant

Submitted by Tubeworker on Tue, 07/04/2015 - 21:18

The male toilet on Platform 3 at Elephant and Castle, frequently used by drivers, has been out-of-service for over a month, while it undergoes "essential maintenance".

The date by which management promised the work would be finished has come and gone, with no new date given or any sign of completion (or even progress).

Everyone's getting frustrated; there are queues at the female toilet, which is being used as a unisex facility, and even cleaners are starting to bear the brunt of drivers' anger.

One cleaner told Tubeworker: "Station cleaners who work at Elephant and Castle have strict orders to clean the only working toilet every hour, and we have to sign to prove that on a piece of paper put inside the toilet, behind the door. All of us know and understand the problem and we do not use this toilet, but we are obliged to visit it every hour. Drivers are so angry and annoyed by the fact that this toilet is the only one available for them that every time they see a cleaner inside, they accuse him/her of using the toilet."

The right to easily-accessible, working facilities is fundamental for workplace dignity. This farcical situation has dragged on way too long. If management allow it to continue, they may find delays start to increase as drivers who need to use the toilet before taking a train out are forced to go elsewhere to find one that works.

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