Support the Northern Line drivers' strike!

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Alex McGuigan, a Northern Line driver at the Mordern depot with 29 years' service, was unjustly sacked by London Underground after he failed a breathalyser test which failed to take his Type-2 diabetes (which can trigger false positives) into account, and after which the company failed to test his urine sample for alcohol (testing it only for drugs, then destroying it).

Alex's colleagues, through their union, RMT, rightly believe that this represents a flagrant abuse of the company's procedures, and leaves anyone who is subject to a Drugs & Alcohol Test in future at risk of the same treatment.

After appeals and talks, the company have refused to reinstate Alex, so his colleagues have voted (by a 75% majority) to strike to win his reinstatement.

The strike will take place on Monday 1 December. Picket lines will be mounted from 04:40 at Morden train depot. Please attend to show your support for Alex and the strike.

If the strike fails to win reinstatement, there is already a mood for widening the ballot to Northern Line drivers at other depots. LU must not be allowed to abuse their own procedures to sack union members.

For more on the strike, see the union's leaflet for the picket lines.

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