Iraq: 2003 and aftermath. Index of main items.

A selection of our main articles, comments, and links dating back to the run-up to the 2003 invasion.

Solidarity with Iraqi workers

Iraq Union Solidarity Group website

Ewa Jasiewicz's report on union struggles in Basra, January 2004

Iraqi workers organise: interview with Alex Gordon about the British trade union delegation to Iraq, December 2003.

TUC report on Iraqi trade unions

US unionists launch Iraq solidarity fund, April 2004

The occupation and the "resistance"

Capitulators of yesterday and today: a reply by Sean Matgamna to Alan Johnson of "Labour Friends of Iraq", part 1, part 2, part 3. Alan Johnson's article Don't think twice, it's all right, and another response by Martin Thomas, The ghost of Peter Struve.

Trade unionists or Islamists: who are the "Vichyists" in Iraq?, a reply by Martin Thomas to Sami Ramadani (November 2004)

Reactionary anti-imperialists, editorial from Solidarity 3/60, 21 October 2004

Iraq: help build 'Third Camp' against US and Sadr, Solidarity 3/49, April 2004.

Appeal by Rebwar Ahmad, leader of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq, 14 April 2004

No to America, No to political Islam! Yes to freedom and security! Worker-communist Party of Iraq, April 2004.

Militias Attempt to Turn Workers' Factories into Military Bastions, Worker-communist Party of Iraq, April 2004.

Worker-communist Party of Iraq statement on the crisis in Iraq, April 2004

The aftermath of the invasion

Help Iraqi workers organise!, Solidarity 3/37, 25 September 2003

Worker-communist Party of Iraq on Iraq today, July 2003

Notes on perspectives in Iraq, by Clive Bradley, 5 May 2003

Interview with Nadia Mahmood of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq, Solidarity 3/29, 1 May 2003

The Galloway/Saddam affair: what we think

The US/UK occupation: priorities, priorities, Solidarity 3/28, 17 April 2003

Let Iraq's peoples decide their future, Solidarity 3/28, 17 April 2003

Freedom for the Kurds, Solidarity 3/28, 17 April 2003

What Iraqi socialists say, Solidarity 3/28, 17 April 2003

After the fall of Baghdad, 11 April 2003: also as pdf

Theoretical issues

Debate on 'ultra-imperialism' from Workers' Liberty Australia no.31

Was the war about euro versus dollar?, Solidarity 3/29, 1 May 2003

The New American Century?, Solidarity 3/28, 17 April 2003

Contribution from the Revolutionary Democratic Group: excerpt on imperialism from their programme

The invasion of 2003

War means mass murder

Bush's war is for oil not freedom; a reply to Christopher Hitchens and David Aaronovitch

A working-class answer to US imperialism and to Saddam Hussein

Questions and answers on Iraq

An international appeal against war and against Saddam's regime

Issues behind the war
Contributions from the AWL day school on War, Imperialism and Globalisation.

Debates inside the anti-war movement in 2003

Why not "victory to Iraq"?

Call union leaders to account!

Recall Labour Party conference! Unions should dump Blair

Stop work to stop war! AWL National Committee resolution on anti-war activity, 16 February 2003

What way for the anti-war movement?: Workers' Liberty leaflet, 22 March 2003

Why we were against signing the Cairo declaration

Why we think it was wrong to invite the Muslim Association (Muslim Brotherhood) into the leadership of the anti-war movement

For more

Go to the Iraq topic page on this website for a complete listing of comments and articles on Iraq. See

Readings on the "war against terrorism", Al Qaeda, and Afghanistan 2001

Read Workers' Liberty magazine, no.2/3..

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