Reinstate Noel and Alex!

Submitted by Tubeworker on Mon, 15/09/2014 - 20:52

Two Tube workers have been sacked by LU on entirely unjust grounds. The RMT is rightly fighting for reinstatement.

Noel Roberts has been "medically terminated" despite everyone from his GSM to his GP to LUOH agreeing that he's fit for work. After some time off, Noel has been back at work for 10 months and hasn't missed a single day. Management have stitched Noel up in order to get rid of him. Read more about his case here.

Meanwhile, Northern Line driver Alex McGuigan has been sacked after 29 years' service. Alex failed a breathalyser test, but the company is refusing to take into account circumstances like Alex's diabetes, which could give false positives. They also flouted standard procedure by only testing a urine sample for drugs, rather than alcohol, and then destroying a second sample. There's more info on Alex's case here. Alex's fellow Northern Line drivers are rightly discussing balloting for strikes to demand his reinstatement.

If LU are allowed to get away with flouting their own procedures to summarily sack workers of nearly 30 years' standing, none of us are safe. If they're allowed to medically terminate staff despite them being declared fit for duty by LU's own OH department, none of us are safe.

Support Noel and Alex, demand reinstatement!

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