Wot No Keys?!

Submitted by Tubeworker on Sun, 20/07/2014 - 12:26

News reached Tubeworker HQ that some stations are so short of master keys for staff, CSAs have to share.

This means we have to go borrowing our colleagues' keys every time we need to get into the mess room, or use the toilet, which can get a bit embarrassing, as well as inconvenient.

What's behind this key stinginess, we wonder? Apparently, too many keys have gone missing in the past, and management is now refusing to issue more.

It shows an extraordinary level of mistrust and suspicious on behalf of management. Because of a few alleged incidents, everyone on the station (including reserve staff) is being made to suffer. The past actions of a few shouldn't be used to tar us all and treat us like children. We should be able to go to the toilet, access our lockers, or get into our mess rooms, when we need to, without having to inconvenience a colleague.

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