Mobile Supervision

Submitted by Tubeworker on Mon, 29/04/2013 - 17:42

Station Supervisors at Turnham Green hold the keys for Kew Gardens and Gunnersbury Stations: they're effectively supervising three stations at once.

On the High Barnet Group, station supervisors have been asked to hand keys for unstaffed adjacent stations to contractors. Again, this is mobile supervision. It also means that contractors are working unsafely on unstaffed stations.

These practices have been reported on the Central Line at Roding Valley and Chigwell.

Health and Safety reps have complained to LU. The LU and the Office of Rail Regulation's reponse is that these practices are safe for open section stations, as long as there is a risk assessment.

But RMT and TSSA fought a dispute on casualisation and de-staffing in 2008, one of the demands of which was for LU to withdraw its plans for 'mobile station supervision' on the north Bakerloo Line. The dispute was settled partly because LU agreed to withdraw these plans.

It seems that LU has been sneakily going back on its word.

When we know that LU intends cuts and reorganisation amongst Station Supervisors, our unions cannot turn a blind eye to these practices any longer. These practices equate to an attack on the SS role. It's time for unions to draw things to a head. We know where LU is heading. Why wait for the inevitable? Launch a dispute sooner rather than later, demanding a station supervisor on every station 24/7, amongst other demands. We won these guarantees once, they're popular with the public. If we take a stand, we can win these guarantees again and fight to make them a reality.

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