Tube Lines and LUL: Commitment Issues?

Submitted by Tubeworker on Sat, 01/12/2012 - 17:40

We all got a bulletin from Mike Brown yesterday, with an announcement about Tube Lines.

As we know, TfL bought Tube Lines in 2010 after the all-too-predictable failure of the PPP, but kept it as a separate entity from LUL. It's a silly situation, which should be immediately rectified by integrating Tube Lines fully back into London Underground Ltd just as Metronet has been.

So was that Mike's announcement? No. It was that the Tube Lines big cheese is leaving, and that it will now report to an LUL Director while remaining a separate company.

So the two companies are snuggling up a little, but their parent is refusing them permission to take the plunge and get hitched properly. Perhaps TfL thinks it can't afford the dowry, as Tube Lines' former owner - and still hired help - Amey would want buying out.

Moreover, it looks like unity for the managers but continuing division for the two workforces. As a bonus for the company, but a problem for us, it allows them to keep Tube Lines staff from TfL Pension Fund membership and travel pass equality.

For us, it makes fighting and winning the tube Lines dispute all the more important.

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