Submitted by AWL on 25 July, 2008 - 4:39 Author: Sean Matgamna


In our New Age, this Age of Gold,
We've reached the end of History;

All things on earth are bought and sold,
All things, including you and me;
The rich can keep the good green earth,
Now socialism is cause for myrth.

They'll not now blow your world apart,
The bourgeois and the Stalinists
Who have converged to praise the mart:
No longer cramped in Stalin's fist,
New converts see with heady zeal,
This is the better way to steal!

Wage-slavery is here to stay,
Karl Marx and Trotsky got it wrong
It's proved there is no other way
Than plunder by the rich and strong:
"Without it they won't have a job"
Crows Rupert Pig to Captain Bob*.

And God's not dead at all, not he,
No matter what some lame-brains say;
He changes form, our Deity
From Age to Age, in his own way:
He dwells now at the Stock Exchange,
Inheres in stocks and shares, like mange.

The Age of Reason never dawned,
We settled for the "Hidden Hand";
And History has never spawned
Its conscious self, to take command:
The working class forever must
Stay down and cringe, mere social dust.

Pre-history will never grow
To socialism, as Marx once taught,
It stops here where sad embers glow,
Where freedom still is sold and bought.
If you can't buy it - tough! Like me,
You're trapped in Bourgeois liberty.

Mass culture too was all my eye!
Who needs it in this Golden Age?
We have The Sun and pigs can fly
For Sport, now Kylie is front page;
And civilisation spirals high
When millions worship Princess Di.

Old Chartist notions came to nought,
Year-Parliaments are not OK!
The Bourgeoisie was never caught,
They never gave control away:
But still we vote: "democracy",
Annointing good wage-slavery

You've got it good now, though unfree,
The chains are padded here below:
Though tyrants rule in industry,
We've got what freedom Trade allows:
That's all that you can hope to see,
Here, at the end of History.

Revolt would lead us to new Gulags,
You cannot doubt that was the root
Dried blood en-browned the old Red Flag,
Of tumult and revolt the fruit!
They knew it would, and long before:
That's why they crushed and robbed the poor.

A jackboot stepping on a face
Forever, Orwell said is how
History stops and sets in place;
But Orwell got it wrong, for now
We keep the Right and plight of Man
To rob his neighbour if he can.

The starvlings now will never rise,
Hungry ideals cease to live,
The rich will always take the prize;
All against all, and never give:
No Age of Solidarity,
Just you for you and me for me.

City of God? Megalopolis!
Utopia? A clicking till!
From rural to urban idiocy
We have advanced, and advance still:
The working class will never rise:
Class war is peace, and truth is lies!

SO Dec '89

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