Labor Action special May 1951: war and peace

Neither Washington nor Moscow - For the Third Camp Against War!

Shall It Be War or Peace?

(Article from Labor Action's annual May special issue, 1951)

The war in Korea has brought the world face to face with the great question of our time: Shall it be war or peace?

In Congress, in the press, and throughout the nation a "great debate" over foreign policy rages. This war has shattered the bipartisan unity on foreign policy which has kept the most vital questions out of the political arena in the United States for over a decade.

The Fate of Civil Liberty in Imperialist War

Democratic Rights Are the First Casualty

(Article from Labor Action's annual May special issue, 1951)

This year May Day again sees a "Loyalty Day" parade, sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and headed in New York by General Douglas MacArthur.

Rival of Capitalism, Oppressor of Labor, Enemy of Peace


Max Shachtman

The Roots of Stalinist Imperialism

(Article from Labor Action's annual May special issue, 1951)

What is Stalinism?

When the defenders and journalists of capitalism speak of Stalinist Russia as a "socialist 
state" they have, from their standpoint, two good reasons for saying so.

One reason, the product of ignorance if not malice, is to discredit the cause of socialism 
in the mind of workers by identifying it with the oppressive police rule of the Stalinist state.

Why This Profit System and Its Government Bar a Democratic Foreign Policy


Hal Draper

Is the U.S. Defending Democracy - or Capitalism?

(Article from Labor Action's annual May special issue, 1951)

When an Indian tribe went on the warpath to grab a 
neighbor's choice hunting ground, it is not likely that the
 braves spent too much time convincing each other that the
 scalps were necessary to further an idealistic crusade. They 
knew what they were fighting for because the real object
 of the war was also in the interest of the entire tribe. There 
was no overweening need for sloganized deception.

Youth Conscription and the Drive Against Academic Freedom

Youth Can Show the Way to Fight War

(Article from Labor Action's annual May special issue, 1951)

Youth has always been the age for freedom and strength, 
for growth and creativity, for dreaming and doing. It is a 
time for flexing one's muscles and holding up one's head,
 for walking in the sunshine and for looking at the stars, 
for expansion and soaring. It has always been this way in 
literature and in art, in dream and in myth - and justly so.

But it has not always been so in reality, and it is less so
 today than ever.

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