General election leaflets, stickers, posters, briefings, and more from Labour for a Socialist Europe

Submitted by martin on 16 November, 2019 - 10:31
L4SE leaflet

Labour for a Socialist Europe (L4SE) has produced leaflets, stickers, posters, and briefing papers for use in the General Election campaign.

You can order them via the L4SE website.

Also coming soon:

• "Socialist Internationalist" scarves to wear in winter campaigning.

Workers' Liberty has also made our own briefings on two topics not covered by Labour for a Socialist Europe. Download and print them (or get in contact to order some):
The Berlin Wall and socialism
Labour and antisemitism

L4SE is a collective set up from the December 2018 Another Europe Is Possible conference. It produced independent pro-Labour, pro-Remain materials for the May 2019 Euro-elections, and was an active factor in the push for pro-Remain and pro-free-movement policies at the September 2019 Labour Party conference.

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