Labour must get off the fence!

Submitted by martin on 15 January, 2019 - 9:54
Labour for a Socialist Europe
Petition form, for hand-to-hand activity
Draft motions, for use in Labour Party and trade unions
"Fight for free movement" placard
"Labour oppose Brexit" placard
"Socialist Europe" placard
Eventbrite booking link for Labour for a Socialist Europe conference, Saturday 9 March 2019, 11:30 to 5 at Camden School for Girls, Sandall Road, London NW5 2DB

90 Labour activists attended the 12 January public event to launch Labour for a Socialist Europe, the left-wing, Labour-focused anti-Brexit campaign endorsed at December’s Another Europe is Possible conference as an independent initiative, freestanding from the cross-party AEIP.

The meeting decided to mobilise for a Labour anti-Brexit presence outside Parliament on 15 January. After 15 January the campaign will be fighting to push Labour off the fence and into backing a "People's Vote" and a vote to Remain. It will seek cooperation and unity with other anti-Brexit efforts in the Labour Party.

The campaign will pressure Labour to adopt a clear stance - for a new public vote, anti-Brexit, for freedom of movement, for lowering of borders - and provide anti-Brexit Labour supporters with a network for information-sharing, and coordinated organising. It will produce campaign resources and joint activities.

The meeting endorsed the call made by the TSSA union for a Labour Party special conference on Brexit.

This is a left-wing, socialist, labour-movement-based campaign that supports Jeremy Corbyn's leadership in the sense of wanting a left-wing Labour Party, but is not afraid to challenge the leadership on Brexit.

The 12 January meeting established a broad Steering Committee and agreed various activities and initiatives, including mobilising around upcoming parliamentary votes (starting, of course, with 15 January), a renewed drive around motions in local Labour Parties, fundraising to allow expanded campaigning, and organising a national campaign conference in March (date to be confirmed very soon).

Solidarity calls on its readers to throw himself into this effort. Sign and promote the campaign’s founding statement (, put a motion to your Labour Party or union branch, organise stalls, hold a meeting or debate and invite a speaker, bring a delegation to the event in March… For more ideas and updates please follow Labour for a Socialist Europe’s social media.

Time is short. Political ferment is high and many more upheavals likely. We don’t know what the outcome of the next few weeks will be, but we know it will be something that now seems improbable – because all outcomes now do. In all eventualities, the stronger the campaign we’ve built, the more likely desirable outcomes and further openings, the greater the chance of blocking Brexit.

We have to reach out and dig down to the Labour Party and unions’ pro-Remain base. We must not allow the deference to Corbyn and the leadership which exists many more established activists – who we should also of course, seek to persuade – to hinder us. An active, visible campaign is the condition for that.

For more information, speakers, etc, email or visit

Billy Hayes, former CWU General Secretary: “If free movement ends, wages will not rise. What is being presented to us by this Tory government will be a disaster for working people. Reform and remain was right in 2016 – nothing has changed that case. To be a socialist is to be an internationalist and a democrat. We respect how people voted in 2016, but the job of socialists is to stare reality in the face. That’s why I welcome this new initiative.”

Nadia Whittome, who chaired the L4SE founding meeting: “With the threat of the internationalist left being crushed between Labour’s pro-Brexit wing and the establishment Remainers, Labour for a Socialist Europe has been founded at a crucial time. We owe it to the large majority of Labour and union members who want to stop Brexit and win an effective radical left government to build the most confident, active campaign we can. Join us!”
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Submitted by Terry Wilson (not verified) on Sat, 19/01/2019 - 10:12

I'd be happy for a general election as long as one party stood up and said they'd stop article 50 altogether. If Nigel farage wants to start another brexit party then we should have a remain. I'd rather it be Labour but if they don't campaign for another referendum they'll not get my vote again.

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