Arabs, Jews, and Socialism

Arabs, Jews and Socialism

Published on: Thu, 19/07/2012 - 14:39

Second printed edition, expanded and corrected (May 2019): £7 including UK postage, £8 including non-UK postage.

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Third edition, further expanded and corrected (October 2019)

This includes some additions to and corrections to the second edition, May 2019. The first edition was in 1989 (date incorrectly given, in second edition, as 1993).

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Some texts in this collection are slight revisions of earlier versions of those same texts found elsewhere on this website.

This pamphlet presents the long and lively public debate in the 1980s and 1990s, with many contributors, which led to Workers' Liberty re-developing our ideas about Israel, Palestine, and antisemitism. It is a new, expanded, and corrected edition of the 1989 Workers' Liberty Pamphlet, 'Arabs, Jews and Socialism: The debate on Palestine, Zionism and anti-Semitism'.

Click here to download pdf of the second edition (May 2019)

Click here to download pdf of the first edition (1989)

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Israel-Palestine: Two Nations, Two States

Published on: Sun, 22/08/2010 - 00:17

Third edition 2016

Israel out of the Occupied Territories!

For a Palestinian state with the same rights as Israel!

For Arab-Jewish workers' unity on a basis of consistent democracy! For a socialist Israel and a socialist Palestine in a socialist federation of the Middle East!

Third edition 2016. (1st edition was 2001, 2nd edition 2002). Cover price £3.50. With UK postage, £4.70; with international postage, £8.55. See button below to buy online or get cheap bulk rates.

1 copy plus UK postage £4.70 GBP2 copies plus UK postage £8.54 GBP3 copies plus UK postage £12.04 GBP10 copies (UK

Gantz backs annexation

Published on: Wed, 22/01/2020 - 10:32

Ira Berkovic

Benny Gantz, the leader of Israel’s Blue and White coalition and the main rival to incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has announced his support for the annexation of the Jordan Valley, ahead of the Israeli elections on 2 March.

The valley is situated on the eastern edge of the West Bank, part of the Palestinian territories which, while under Israeli military occupation, are not formally part of the State of Israel. Gantz has described the area as an “eastern defensive wall in any future scenario,” and said it was “an inseparable part of the State of Israel.”

The announcement comes

Israel/Palestine - AWL conference policy 2019

Published on: Tue, 21/01/2020 - 21:08

AWL conference 2019 (Jan 2020)

1. Our programmatic position on the Israeli-Palestinian-Arab conflict is:

• A two-states settlement: self-determination for both the Palestinian and the Israeli Jewish nations — an independent Palestinian state, with equal rights, alongside Israel

• peace between the states in the region, notably, recognition of Israel in agreed borders by the Arab states and Iran

• equal rights, and national minority rights, for the Palestinian minority in Israel

• workers' unity across borders and national divisions

• a socialist federation of the Middle East, with self-determination for minorities like the


Published on: Wed, 08/01/2020 - 12:20

Revolution by stealth

I’m surprised that Katy Dollar’s report on the 14 December Labour Transformed conference (Solidarity 529) does not mention the repeated, unpleasant attempts of the organisers to prevent Workers’ Liberty members selling our materials and running a small stall in a corridor.

I’m surprised, also, that the report does not mention the organisers’ comments to our members that AWL supporters would not be welcome in the organisation they were setting up, or their silly attempts to demagogically label us as the people who are members of the “democratic centralist organisation in

Sanders, Corbyn and anti-Semitism

Published on: Wed, 18/12/2019 - 13:13

Eric Lee

Bernie Sanders has a proud record both of supporting Israel and of being critical of its government. He summed up his views in a recent article for the magazine Jewish Currents, in which he wrote;

“I think it is very important for everyone, but particularly for progressives, to acknowledge the enormous achievement of establishing a democratic homeland for the Jewish people after centuries of displacement and persecution.”

The choice of the phrase “in particular for progressives” is deliberate. Because people on the Left, in recent years, have not acknowledged that the creation of Israel was,

EHRC to report early 2020

Published on: Wed, 18/12/2019 - 12:27

Ann Field

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) investigation into allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party is expected to publish its report early in 2020.

The remit of the EHRC investigation covers: whether unlawful acts have been committed by the Labour Party; whether it has implemented recommendations about tackling antisemitism and taken overall effective action; and whether its processes are fit-for-purpose.

Organisations which have submitted statements to the investigation include the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) and Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL). Both statements are available on

Tories plan new curbs on local councils

Published on: Wed, 18/12/2019 - 12:19

Sacha Ismail

Johnson is likely to be the enemy of a democratic settlement in Israel-Palestine, shifting the UK further towards the Trump government’s anti-Palestinian position.

Although Johnson himself displayed little interest in the conflict as foreign secretary, his ideological lieutenant Priti Patel was forced to resign her international development post in 2017 after breaking diplomatic protocol in efforts to channel aid money towards the Israeli military. She defended herself by insisting that Johnson had been told about her activities.

The Tories’ proposals, apparently another bit of inspiration

Beyond co-existence, to solidarity

Published on: Wed, 04/12/2019 - 16:52

Alon-Lee Green and Sally Abed

Alon-Lee Green and Sally Abed, activists involved in the Jewish-Arab socialist movement Standing Together in Israel, spoke to Daniel Randall from Solidarity.

What’s your assessment of the current political situation?

Alon-Lee: Our leadership committee will meet tonight [27 November], and will be discussing the strong likelihood of a third election. The political system in Israel is in deep crisis, a crisis of representation. Confidence in the capacity of the political system to deliver change is decreasing. We hear a lot of people saying they won’t vote in a third election. They’re saying they

Push out the Tories, sort out Labour

Published on: Wed, 27/11/2019 - 19:37

Sacha Ismail

To respond to Orthodox chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis’ attack on Labour over antisemitism by pointing out that it is exaggerated only gets you so far.

The reality is that since Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader, Seamus Milne took over the Leader’s Office, and some thousands of “returners” from the 1980s became newly vocal, a culture of antisemitism has flourished on the margins of the party and, in somewhat less virulent forms, deeper inside it too.

A significant strand in Labour antisemitism is connected to a particular view of Israel and “Zionism”. While the party’s formal policy on Israel

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