Israel-Palestine: Two Nations, Two States

Submitted by martin on Sun, 22/08/2010 - 00:17

Third edition 2016

Israel out of the Occupied Territories!

For a Palestinian state with the same rights as Israel!

For Arab-Jewish workers' unity on a basis of consistent democracy! For a socialist Israel and a socialist Palestine in a socialist federation of the Middle East!

Third edition 2016. (1st edition was 2001, 2nd edition 2002). Cover price £3.50. With UK postage, £4.70; with international postage, £8.55. See button below to buy online or get cheap bulk rates.

1 copy plus UK postage £4.70 GBP2 copies plus UK postage £8.54 GBP3 copies plus UK postage £12.04 GBP10 copies (UK postage free) £32.00 GBP20 copies (UK postage free) £60.00 GBP1 copy plus international postage £8.55 GBP

Two Nations, Two States. Socialists and Israel-Palestine

Trump set to move against “two states”

Submitted by AWL on Wed, 15/05/2019 - 12:38
Trump and Netanyahu

According to an Israeli TV news channel on Sunday 12 May, the plan for Israel-Palestine due to be announced by the Trump administration in early June will provide for all Israeli settlements in the West Bank to remain under Israeli rule permanently. The report also said that the Trump administration will not oppose all West Bank settlements being integrated into the Israeli state immediately, whether that is part of an overall deal or not.

Curdled by hyperbole

Submitted by AWL on Wed, 15/05/2019 - 12:31

One of the speakers at the Palestine Solidarity Campaign demo on 11 May was Glyn Secker, the secretary of Jewish Voice for Labour. His speech has been widely condemned on social and other media (e.g. the Jewish Chronicle) for containing antisemitic tropes.

Protesting for "two states"

Submitted by martin on Sun, 12/05/2019 - 09:46
11 May 2019

Activists from Workers' Liberty, the Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan, and others, held a protest for "Two nations, two states" in Israel-Palestine alongside the Palestine Solidarity Campaign demonstration in London on 11 May.

We displayed banners and placards, distributed leaflets, sold papers and pamphlets, and sought discussions.

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