stop Brexit

Call Labour's pro-Brexit wreckers to account!

Talk, fed to the media, of "mass resignations" by junior shadow ministers if Jeremy Corbyn activates Labour Party conference policy and goes for a new public vote on Brexit (Guardian, 18 January 2019) - this is treachery similar to June 2016, only worse.

RL reading

Reading about Rosa Luxemburg

15 January 2019 is the 100th anniversary of the murder of the Polish¬German revolutionary socialist Rosa Luxemburg, killed by a right-wing militia operating under the Social¬Democratic government which was heading off the German workers’ revolution.

stop Brexit

For a Labour special conference on Brexit!

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes, a prominent supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, explains “Why I’m calling for a special Labour conference on Brexit”


"No deal" Brexit means trade disruption with the whole world

According to the Financial Times (18 January), "Britain has failed to finalise most trade deals needed to replace the EU’s 40 existing agreements with leading global economies and will not be close to doing so... on March 29..."

mersey rail

Merseyrail and DOO

Merseyrail is one of the Train Operating Companies where workers have been resisting the imposition of Driver Only Operation, which involves the abolition of the safety¬critical role of the guard. Interview with driver and union activist.

Remain and rebel

Jeremy Corbyn: now back a public vote!

After the Tory government's defeat on its withdrawal deal in Parliament on 15 January 2019, Labour must get off the fence.

gj jan

Right danger in Gilets Jaunes

On Saturday 12 January, an estimated 84,000 people joined the latest round of Gilets Jaunes demonstrations around France.

Lexit square

The roots of Lexitism

Russian foreign policy, and therefore the Communist Party of Great Britain, opposed moves to European bourgeois integration from the 1940s onwards, but until the late 1960s most of the Trotskyist left took an internationalist position on the EEC.

trump and wall

Trump holds USA hostage

As of Monday 14 January, the US federal government has been partly closed for 24 days — the longest shutdown in the nation’s history.

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