Stop this deportation!

Submitted by martin on 23 June, 2020 - 8:47 Author: Emma Dalmayne
Osime Brown

A vulnerable 21-year old Black autistic man named Osime Brown was jailed in 2018 and informed he will be deported upon his release to Jamaica.

Osime is currently serving a five year prison sentence in Stoken prison for the theft of a mobile phone.

A witness for the defence stated in court that Osime did not take part in the street robbery that was carried out in front of him by several youths, and said that in fact he had tried to stop them from taking the phone from the victim.

It has since been found that Osime was convicted under "joint enterprise", a discredited legal rule that has resulted in many unjust convictions, mainly of young black men.

Osime's health has suffered while in prison to the extent of developing a heart condition that has required urgent surgery. A loop recording device has been put into his heart and he is now on medication, tires easily, and collapses often due to stress.

Osime is having meltdowns and displaying serious self-injurious behaviour due to depression. Osime is also Learning Disabled, has PTSD and dyslexia.

He has suffered racial abuse whilst in prison and is unable to comprehend the distance of Jamaica from the UK. He has asked his mother, who lives in Dudley, Birmingham, which road he should walk down from Jamaica to come and see her.

Osime has no support or family network in Jamaica and came here aged four.

There is a petition with over 19,000 signatures appealing to the Home Office to allow Osime to stay in the UK with his family. He has been failed by the government and deserves to be given support upon his release.

To send him back to Jamaica will result in his death.

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Submitted by Veron (not verified) on Tue, 23/06/2020 - 17:12

He is innocent been failed by the System many time Help him by sending him home to his Family He needs love supper and Medical attention

Submitted by Faith Ian (not verified) on Tue, 23/06/2020 - 21:06

This is so cruel to deport him. He has suffered and is suffering way too much. It sounds like he likely did not even participate in the crime, and even tried to stop it. Please, have mercy.

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