Discontent grows over selections

Submitted by AWL on 23 October, 2019 - 10:28 Author: Chris Reynolds

Discontent is growing in local Labour Parties over “long lists” and shortlists of candidates imposed by the National Executive Committee for the selections of candidates to the general election almost certain to come soon.

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy is circulating a model motion which calls: “We call on the NEC to revise the long-listing process to ensure that all those with support in a CLP are included ahead of those totally unknown to that CLP”.

A particular focus in Vauxhall, where the Labour MP Kate Hoey has consistently voted with the Tories on Brexit and anyway has said she will not stand at the next election.

Katy Clark, a longstanding Labour left-winger, anti-Brexit, and active for some time in Vauxhall, enjoys wide support from Labour activists there.

But, as The Clarion website reports, “Jeremy Corbyn’s office has been rumoured by several publications to be supporting the businessman, landlord and Mayor of Progress-dominated Lambeth council, Ibrahim Dogus (pictured).

“In addition, Dogus’s website says he has received endorsements from major unions including Unite, the GMB, the Bakers’ Union and... the CWU”.

Dogus also moved into the area only two years ago. He talks of himself as pro-Corbyn now, but his record and background are not left-wing at all.

As The Clarion asks, “Does Vauxhall Labour want a self-promoting millionaire as its MP?”

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