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Marxist Perspectives on Irish History.
Rayner Lysaght and Sean Matgamna have been prominent on the left and in the debate on the fight for a socialist Ireland for more than fifty years. They discussed their perpsectives at a Workers′ Liberty meeting in November 2018. (Two parts.)

In Defence of Bolshevism.
Martin Thomas from Workers’ Liberty defends the Bolsheviks, their revolution and their work to build a revolutionary socialist movement. The series accompanies the book In Defence of Bolshevism edited by Sean Matgamna and published by Phoenix Press. Max Shactman’s ‘Under the Banner of Marxism’, which forms the bulk of the book, deserves to be considered to be one of the classic polemics of the Marxìst movement, alongside the ‘Poverty of Philosophy’, ‘Anti-Duhring’ and others. (Six parts.)

An Introduction to Marx′s Capital
In nineteen parts: Commodities, Exchange, Labour Power and Capital, Theories of Profit, Capital, Money, Money and Crises, Commodity Fetishism, The buying and selling of labour power, The working day, The Labour Process, Relative Surplus Value, Co-operation, Manufacture, Machinery and Modern Industry, Wages, Reproduction, Reserve Army of Labour and Origins of capitalism.

The Russian Revolution, freedom or tyranny, a debate.

Religion, secularism and religious fundamentalism.

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