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Solidarity Statement: Stand With Students and Teachers of JNU, 5 Mar, 2016

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This statement is republished from Secularism Is A Women's Issue

The Hindu-Right government of India identifies the nation with its Hindu majority and imposes the domination of Hinduism over all citizens of other denominations and “lower” castes.

Over the past few years, the Hindu-Right has curtailed free speech at universities, banned books, and falsified history.

Students protesting against the oppression of non-Hindu citizens and “lower” castes have been fiercely repressed and police has been called within the premises of the university in Delhi.

In protest, university teachers now organize lectures in the open to freely discuss nation, nationalism, and the politics of the Hindu-Right.

A protest march to the Parliament in New Delhi is being organized on March 2, and on this occasion Delhi students call for international solidarity.

We the undersigned, fully aware of the dangers of all fundamentalist extreme-Rights, wholeheartedly support the protest movement of students and teachers at JNU - Delhi University and protestors against the Hindu-Right government in India.


Amel Grami, professor at the University of Manouba, Tunisia

Ariane Brunet, Centre for Secular Space

Fariborz Pooya, Host of Bread and Roses TV

Homa Arjomand, Coordinator of the International Campaign against Sharia Court in Canada and One Secular School System for All

Imad Iddine Habib, Council of Ex-Muslims of Morocco/Britain

Inna Schevchenko, FEMEN Leader

Kate Smurthwaite, Comedian and Activist

Lila Ghobady, Writer & Documentarymaker

Marieme Helie Lucas, Algerian Sociologist, former faculty member Algiers University and Founder of Secularism is a Woman’s Issue

Maryam Namazie, Spokesperson of One Law for All and Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and Producer of Bread and Roses TV

Meredith Tax, Chair, Centre for Secular Space

Nadia El Fani, Tunisian Filmmaker

Nina Sankari, Polish Feminist and Secularist

Pervez Hoodbhoy, Pakistani nuclear physicist, mathematician and academic

Peter Tatchell, Human Rights Campaigner

Rayhana Sultan, Spokesperson of Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

Rina Nissim, Espace Femmes International, Geneva

Sultana Kamal, Bangladeshi Lawyer and Human Rights Activist

Terry Sanderson, President of the National Secular Society

Yasmin Rehman, Women’s Rights Campaigner

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