New traveller solidarity network

Submitted by Matthew on 9 November, 2011 - 10:19

A new traveller solidarity network has been set up to support families who are being evicted from their homes despite the huge questions raised by the Dale Farm eviction last month.

The Traveller Solidarity Movement met in London on 5 November to discuss strategy after Dale Farm.

The meeting resolved to set up the network, linking local supporter and activist groups, including anti-fascist and anti-racist organisations, with regional travellers.

A website and mailing list is being set up, but to get involved now subscribe to the Dale Farm mailing list.

Travellers themselves will lead the network.

At the meeting travellers reported on continuing battles against forced homelessness.

A gypsy settlement in Brighton was evicted on 25 October, with some families leaving voluntarily while others were dragged off the land.

Meanwhile travellers in Beausale, near Warwick, face eviction from land they have occupied since May 2009.

Bailiffs have finished clearing Dale Farm following the decision by families to walk off en masse, and Basildon Council had an injunction to block travellers returning to the site granted by a court on 7 November.

Many of the families are living with relatives on the legal part of the site, but are still at risk of eviction from their temporary accommodation.

Until the travellers have the right... to live as travellers and enough “authorised” plots are set up, families will continue to face homelessness and be deprived of healthcare and education.

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