Defend Dale Farm!

Submitted by Matthew on 14 September, 2011 - 1:09

Hundreds of people marched on 10 September to show their support for the travellers of Dale Farm, who are facing the prospect of imminent, violent eviction by Basildon Council.

The atmosphere on the march — a mix of young and old, including travellers, locals and others from further afield — was vibrant and the speakers were positive about the chances of the campaign preventing the eviction.

Camp Constant, the base set up by supporters of the travellers, is an inspiring place. The eviction is set for 19 September. We would appeal to anyone able to go there to do so as a matter of urgency.

This is a brutal and pointless attack on people who are hurting no one. That Basildon’s Tory councillors are prepared to spend the equivalent of a third of their budget on this act of ethnic cleansing is foul enough, but that Ed Miliband is supporting it is a disgrace. The labour movement should be kicking up a storm of protest.

Being a socialist means standing up for the rights of the oppressed and fighting alongside them. Solidarity with Dale Farm! Stop this racist eviction!

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