Summer camp, 3-5 September

Submitted by AWL on 29 June, 2021 - 5:20
We'll be camping near Haslemere in Surrey

The Workers’ Liberty summer camp will be on 3-5 September, near Haslemere in Surrey. Tickets are £10 unwaged, £15 low-waged/student, £25 waged. Buy them on eventbrite here.

A weekend of fires, partying, nature, good food and socialist education. In previous years we have run the camp in a farmhouse; this year, due to coronavirus, the camp will be fully outdoors, sleeping in tents only. We will have access to hot water, proper showers, and proper toilets.

Covid Safety: We will be taking various measures to ensure that the camp is Covid safe. Please take a lateral flow or PCR test before travelling to the camp. The camp will be outdoors or in well-ventilated marquees to reduce the risk of transmission.

What to bring: We will be camping, and attendees should bring their own knives, forks, bowls and mugs. If you can’t lay your hands on a tent or sleeping bag, let us know and we should be able to lend you one. There is a modern shower block with lights, hot water and proper toilets. If you can, please bring:

- a knife, fork, spoon, bowl and mug

- a wash kit and towel

- a tent, roll mat and sleeping bag

- outdoors clothes – the weather forecast is good, but take warm and waterproof clothing!

You may also want to bring:

- swimming gear

- musical instruments

- footballs, frisbees, playing cards

The site and activities: we will be camping in a large field set amid woodland with a modern shower block, a large fire pit, friendly horses in the next field, and wild swimming spots nearby. We will be enjoying good food — includeded in the ticket prices — with vegetarian and vegan options and accommodation for any special dietary requirements on request, and running a bar in the evening. There will be football, frisbee, hikes in the surrounding hills and woods, and trips to local sights, including the nearby stately home.

Draft camp agenda:The camp opens at 3pm on Friday 3 September. It closes at 3pm on Sunday 5 September.


3pm Camp opens

5pm Workshops:

  • Jewish Revolutionaries
  • Class struggle in France
  • The workers’ movement in Turkey

7pm Dinner and campfire



9-10am Breakfast

11am – 1pm Workshops:

  • Organising the unorganised
  • Where did the Labour Party come from?
  • The history of the “Workers’ Olympics”

12pm – Lunch (including a short talk about space) and trips out (wild swimming, walks in the hills, and wherever else)

4pm – Activities/talks

  • Sound system culture and politics (including a sound system demonstration)
  • Graffiti and politics

6pm – Workshops

  • Singapore: from independence to the struggles of today
  • The police, state violence and state racism: a history
  • COP26, Extinction Rebellion and the climate movement

8pm – Dinner and pub quiz / campfire



9-10am Breakfast

10:30am-12pm Workshops

  • The fight for democracy in Hong Kong
  • Socialism and Feminism

12pm lunch

1-2pm Plenary discussion: socialist organising against climate change

3pm Camp closes

Evening entertainment:We will be running a bar in the evening but we are also planning plenty of evening entertainment that doesn't revolve around drinking: a pub quiz, campfires, poker, film projections, and more.



Travel: The camp will about 7 miles, or 20 minutes’ drive, from Haslemere train station. From Friday afternoon we will be offering lifts to and from the station – call or email ahead to let us know when you are arriving. We aim to offer everyone a lift. If for some reason no lifts are running when you arrive, or if there is an emergency, consult this list of local taxi firms: For transport and accessibility information contact .

Facebook event here.

Extracurricular activities

On site

  • A zip wire and trampolines
  • A swimming pool (with a little algae), and a possible hot tub!
  • Campfires (including one which is sheltered from rain if needed!) - plus marshemallows and dampers if people want
  • Watching films with a projector in a big indoor space
  • Rope swings, tree climbing
  • Football, frisbee, volleyball, badminton. Maybe ping pong.
  • Boardgames, poker etc.
  • A pub quiz
  • Peruse a display of our industrial bulletins
  • Our bar

In the surrounding area

  • Beautiful woods
  • A church and graveyard
  • The Mill Pond (not for swimming, for looking at wildlife)
  • A pub and shop, maybe a closed down brewery
  • Friendly horses to look at

Further afield

  • A celebrated two hours round walk to "temple of the wind"
  • A four hour round walk to Fenhurst, which has a nice pub; and other possible walks
  • Wild swimming (a few options)
  • A mini steam railway
  • A sculpture park (needs booking)
  • An old castle, Cowdray Ruins, (with a paddling bit of river next to it)
  • The Weald and Downland Museum
  • Ropes stuff in the trees, possibly
  • Possibly, a stately home

Additional stuff of more interest to children

  • A play park
  • Arts and craft stuff including stuff to make tealight lanterns
  • A bow and arrow
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • A parachute for parachute games
  • Drums and similar musical instruments
  • Swimming and paddling in "Sandy Bay, Midhurst", next to the ruins of a castle. Very toddler friendly swimming, very shallow. Parking very close by

Other misc. info:

  • There are wheelchair accessible facilities
  • While there are parking spaces, if you're with a taxi you may want dropping at the pub
  • There are lots of toilets and showers, and they look good, as do the kitchens
  • There are plugs, although we shouldn't overload them
  • There are some bed type things for people with access needs
  • The site is run by volunteers
  • There are lots of spare tents and sleeping bags and stuff we can rent (at a cost - so we should try to work out beforehand)
  • Football and frisbee etc. best area may be by the swimming pool
  • There are enough possible fire places that the fire could be far from where people are going to sleep, for noise
  • There are many marquees, we don't need to worry about places for workshops if it rains
  • The bike ride from the train station is lush

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