Future Academies' Lord Nash threatens "disobedient" students for protesting

Posted in Class Struggle's blog on Thu, 15/04/2021 - 14:27,
Pimlico graffiti

Mohan Sen

At the start of the month we carried a report and analysis from a Future Academies worker about the rebellion by students and staff at Future's so-called flagship school, Pimlico Academy in London.

We also published this interview about how workers, students and the community in Stevenage fought the takeover of Barclay School by Future.

Now John Nash, the Tory "lord" who heads and effectively owns Future Academies, has written to parents and carers threatening "disciplinary action" against students for "any future disobedience" and demanding they, parents and carers, participate in this enforcement. (See the letter below.)

The phenomenon of this multi-millionaire Tory capitalist-aristocrat threatening "discipline" against "disobedient" students, most of them working-class and black and brown, is truly disgusting. Nash's comments are about the school's "diverse and inclusive community, in which our students [should] feel respected and... safe" are startling hypocrisy.

Solidarity with students, workers and the wider Pimlico Academy community against the Future Academies hierarchy!


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