The SWP school of falsification part … ad nauseam

Posted in Class Struggle's blog on Mon, 08/02/2021 - 18:08,
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David Pendletone

The SWP's policy in the NEU of toadying up to the bureaucracy and siding with it against militant industrial trade unionism has exposed the organisation for the fraud it is time and time again.

In the latest episode Chris Denson (who?), a third rate SWP hack and bureaucrat who seems to be somewhat known by Coventry NEU activists, openly lied to secure the nomination for a right-wing challenger to existing Support Staff Seat holder on the National Executive, Tracy McGuire.

Tracy is a Workers’ Liberty supporter and a tireless advocate of industrial unionism, who has been responsible for a near doubling of support staff members in the NEU. Denson claimed Tracy had attacked him in a national newspaper and is reported to have said "I would hope that we as a district would not nominate someone who did that to someone from our district". It seems he is referring to this article, which appeared in Workers’ Liberty’s paper Solidarity. You will note it does not mention him, largely because Tracy didn’t know who he was.

Unfortunately, Denson didn’t deal with the politics of the letter just hid behind faux upset (either that or he’s a fragile individual indeed!) We know now he’s a member of the SWP, we can tell from the cowardice, lies and opposition to militant industrial unionism. We don’t suspect his intervention will affect the result of the election.

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