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Posted in Off The Rails's blog on Thu, 11/11/2021 - 13:36,
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“Personally, I think it’s an acceptable offer.
It’s appalling that it took the threat of disruption during COP26 to even get Abellio round the table, and a management-produced Q&A document encouraging workers to break a strike in return for a pay rise was shameful. Aside from a few colleagues who are entitled and have never really been pro union, the rest of the workforce felt furious and disgusted that a director no less used our internal communications act to praise workers for leaving RMT, claiming that it was not democratic to not offer a referendum on the first offer which was full of unacceptable strings attached.”

“I’m not sure it is wonderful. But all the extra conditions were removed so we were happy with 2.5% because it was never about the money – it was about making sure that conductors and ticket examiners grades were not being used to put others out of work.
They also reinstated overtime payments for all grades rather than just for drivers, so that put right the equality part of the issue.

“I would agree with the Off The Rails report in the main, but think there is too much emphasis on the AGM. The mandate was coming from the rank-and-file members.
Our RMT Scotland women’s page was inundated with very peed off women not happy with the former offers and asking what the picket lines would look like. They wanted to go all the way. Nearly 350 women, mostly ScotRail it had to be said, were talking to reps for the first time, loads emailing their relevant company council reps, and their male colleagues galvanising a really strong resolve. It was magic to be a part of it.The women were wonderful and deserve to be acknowledged.
I reckon had it just been about money it would not have worked but highlighting the unfairness and inequality of it all was the spark that set the fire under some of our members who have never really participated before. Magic.”

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