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Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 20/07/2021 - 16:35,
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Management have been spewing out propaganda against the RMT industrial action, on Yammer, the corporate social media platform.

The bosses do this safe in the knowledge that critical responses will be few and far between due to the threat of disciplinary action for speaking openly on their platform. Where drivers have commented and explained their feelings, these have been deleted - and of course, Yammer is an echo chamber of like minded people so it seems to have a limited affect.

Indeed, most newcomers to it are those who have read about a senior manager's post on a union group and feel compelled to respond critically. Tubeworker understands the urge to do so, but would also suggest the union's collective voice is the best way to respond. Any comments that are made on Yammer should be posted with caution!

Management speak is in abundance on Yammer, and in a recent video we are told that putting Night Tube operation onto the main roster is the fairest thing for "our people". Is there anything worse than having a senior manager who doesn't drive trains, doesn't work nights, and doesn't work weekends telling you that it is fairest for us "all" to do more of it?

Management tries to suggest the RMT action isn't legitimate or democratic because around 750 drivers voted for it. The abolition of the Night Tube grade, however, was forced through by six full-time Aslef reps and the management chair of the Trains Functional Council. So if the voice of 750 drivers isn't valid, what does that say for the voice of the seven blokes sat around a table who pushed this detrimental change through?

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