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Submitted by Zac Muddle on 2 May, 2019 - 10:38
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Or, subscribe directly to Workers' Liberty's podcast/rss feed with your podcast app: more about listening to podcasts below. Older Solidarity audios are removed from the podcast feed but remain in SoundCloud.

Alternatively, browse, play and download our audio below (or in SoundCloud): see page contents.

Solidarity audio

Directly play or download all our audio recordings of our weekly newspaper, Solidarity. Scroll on the list below to see more, or browse and search in SoundCloud. Solidarity is published on Wednesdays, the audio later that week, in multiple parts. We remove older Solidarity audios from the podcast feed, but leave them in SoundCloud

Subscribe here to have the newspaper delivered, or read it online.

Pamphlets, publications beyond Solidarity

Directly play or download our audio recordings of other pamphlets and publications: How to beat the racists, Solidarność, The German Revolution, 1919, Workers against slavery, some issues of Women's Fightback, various issues of Workers' Liberty mag, and more. Scroll the list below, or browse in SoundCloud.

Recordings of public meetings

We record opening speeches (and occasionally summations) from some of our public meetings and events: see below or in SoundCloud. Some are videod on our youtube channel. See and come to our upcoming meetings!

Fighting racism

Our (audio) pamphlet How to beat the racists, aims to convince labour movement activists of the importance of fighting racism, anti-racists of the importance of the labour movement — and fighting to transform it. Plus more articles, and other related audios! Read the pamphlet.

For workers' climate action: Environmental audio

Our latest environmental pamphlet, For workers' climate action: climate change, capitalism and working-class struggle, articles on the fight against climate change, capitalism and the role of workers' organisation and struggle in that. Plus, various other environmental audios! Buy or read the pamphlet.

All Workers' Liberty audio

Below lists all the audio in SoundCloud below, most recent first. Scroll to see more, or browse and search in SoundCloud.

Some older audio may be here instead.

Labour Days podcast

Labour Days is a podcast about trade union issues and labour history; some of the team behind Labour Days are supporters of Workers’ Liberty. If you're interested in Workers' Liberty's politics you might like to listen to it! You can find it on most podcast services, or listen to their episodes below (scroll down for more). Check out their SoundCloud, facebook, twitter, or podcast feed.

Listening to podcasts

What are podcasts?

We publish all our audio on soundcloud, and embed it on this page, where you can browse, play, and download it. We also make it available as a podcast, which can be listened to in a variety of ways. Older Solidarity audios are removed from this feed, and can only be found through SoundCloud.

When we upload our audio, it is added to our podcast/RSS feed. This, in turn, is read by various podcast aggregators and directories, various audio platforms - which function as platforms or like search engines, for podcasts. With podcast clients or players, applications which can do this ("podcatchers"), you can find and subscribe to our audio - as a "podcast" - through one of these platforms, or directly through our feed.

The application can then notify you when a new podcast is available, download podcasts, play those which are downloaded or stream them directly, organise your subscriptions, and more - quite useful.

Subscribing to "Solidarity & More"

If you have an application which supports podcasts, then search for ours: it is called "Solidarity & More", published by "Workers' Liberty". Or, you might open our podcast feed with the app. While you're at it, why not subscribe to Labour Days at the same time?

As well as dedicated podcast players and clients, many music apps like itunes and spotify can manage podcasts, and you can find "Solidarity & More" through them. There are many other good apps, whatever you use, it might be worth configuring it - if possible - to notify you when there are new podcasts available and download cast episodes automatically, over wifi. See below for specific app suggestions.

"Solidarity & More" is on most major podcast directories: itunes, spotify, stitcher, tunein, soundcloud, podplayer and podbean. If it is not on a directory you use, let us know, and we can try to submit it.

Podcast apps

If you already use a podcast client, or software which can do podcasts, like iTunes, Spotify, or many music players, like Rhythmbox (on Linux), you may as well use that. If you search for "Solidarity & More" under podcasts in any of these, you should be able to subscribe. Otherwise, check out the suggestions below.

Android smartphones/tablets

AntennaPod is probably the best podcast client: it has lots of features, is relatively straightforward, free, open source, and doesn't have adverts.

After installing it, you can open our podcast feed with it, and subscribe that way. Or, in menu, click "Add Podcast", then find "Solidarity & More" by searching iTunes.

You should be able to see, stream, download, play and queue any episodes, "new" or "all" (which does exclude older Solidarity audios). It saves where you are in the episode, even if you listen to a different one and then come back to it. There are some settings it might be worth tweaking. In "Settings" in "Playback", if you turn on "Pause for Interruptions" it means you won't miss sections when another app makes a sound, for example if you are using hands free navigation.

If you like to download them to listen to when you are out and about, and you have an SD card, you should probably "Choose Data Folder" in "Storage" to be within that. Under "Network", if you turn on "Automatic Download", it automatically downloads a certain number of episodes when connected to wifi - not over mobile data - deleting those you have already listened to, keeping you up to date when you're on the go.


By default these come with apple podcasts. If you search for "Solidarity & More" you can subscribe, and you can download and play episodes.

Computers and music players

There are several different podcast clients for computers, for listening to podcasts on the computers, or for downloading episodes to load them onto music players. The best is music players which has this built in, although Thunderbird (mail client) has an RSS feed reader built in.

On Linux, Rhythmbox supports podcasts, as do probably most music players, if you have a different one installed, or Spotify. On Windows, iTunes and Spotify support podcasts and are popular, or you could try gPodder. On Macs, iTunes is automatically installed, and straightforward.

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