Newsline on the Zionist connection

Fighting left anti-semitism in the 1980s: Workers' Liberty 3/62

The Healy WRP organised public meetings and endorsements from many labour movement figures against us in 1983, charging that our criticism of their funding by the Libyan dictatorship branded us as part of a "Zionist connection".

Left Against Brexit

Building the ‘Left Against Brexit’

Michael Chessum, organiser of Another Europe is Possible and its “Left Against Brexit” speaker tour spoke to Solidarity.

A ring of roses with the words "socialism makes sense" in the middle.

Socialism Makes Sense: Ideas for Freedom 2018

Workers' Liberty summer school 21-24 June 2018, Sat-Sun: from 11am Sat, 10:30 Sun, at Birkbeck University, Malet St, London. Weekend includes discussions, workshops and a debate with Aaron Bastani as to whether the labour movement can stop Brexit. Details, and book online, here.

Robert Fine at Lewisham 1977

Robert Fine, 1945-2018

The socialist writer and activist Robert Fine died on 9 June 2018, at the age of 72. We publish tributes from Workers' Liberty people and from others who knew and worked with him. Photo: Robert and Jean Lane (in the middle of the photo, slightly right of centre) at the anti-fascist march in Lewisham, 13 August 1977.

Junior Doctors strike

Tax the rich to pay for the NHS

As the 70th birthday of the NHS approaches the government has tried to distract from its Brexit woes by hijacking the Leave campaign′s transparently fake ″£350 million a week for the NHS after Brexit″ claim.

Solidarity Newspaper

Solidarity 473

Issue 473 — 22 June 2018

Socialist news, debate, and features. Reports on Labour and trade union issues.

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