young demonstrators

The left and Brexit: a debate

As the run-up to Labour Party conference and the big votes in Parliament approaches, Join us on Friday 20 July for a debate about how the left should respond on the top issue in the news.

Stall trashed at Marxism 2018

Why the SWP beats up its socialist critics (1993) - For left unity in action and democratic debate about our differences

Here we reproduce an pamphlet written in the wake of physical attacks by the SWP on AWL comrades by at 'Marxism' 1993.

 We'll be camping in the hills above Todmorden

Workers' Liberty summer camp (West Yorkshire, 10-12 August 2018)

Members and friends of Workers' Liberty are organising a summer event near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

over turned stall

SWP "stewards" police debate

SWP stewards overturn and break AWL stall, steal leaflets and threaten violence while trying to obstruct leafleting for a meeting about why the left should oppose Brexit.

Free Tommy Robinson demo

Stop the far right on 14 July

The left and labour movement must mobilise to oppose the far right, which on 9 June managed a bigger turnout in Whitehall than it has had for a street demonstration for decades.

Solidarity Newspaper

Solidarity 474

Issue 474 — 4 July 2018

Socialist news, debate, and features. Reports on Labour and trade union issues.

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  • From Karl Marx to the fourth of July

    James P Cannon column "Notebook of an agitator" from the The Militant on what the 4th July means.

  • Trotsky's legacy

    An article written by Max Shachtman in 1967 looking at the legacy Leon Trotsky passed on to socialists.

  • 'The Pickets'

    Like a roll of distant thunder
    The pickets tramp their beat.
    And our slave enshackled brothers

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