The Fate of the Russian Revolution Vol 2


The Two Trotskyisms Confront Stalinism

Book Cover "The Fate of the Russian Revolution Volume 2: The Two Trotskyisms Confront Stalinism" in white text on a blue background. Below this, a cartoon depicting Stalin and his followers under the banner "Stalinist Couter Revolution".
Sean Matgamna (ed.) and others
Second Edition
Long book
798 pages

For revolutionary socialists the long march through the 20th century and beyond has often been over uncharted, unexpected, terrain. Understanding and fighting to purge the labour movement of Stalinism has been key. This book documents crucial debates in the 1940s between the two main strands into which Trotskyism divided.


For the revolutionary socialists, the Trotskyists, it has been a very long march through the 20th century and beyond, and over sometimes uncharted, unexpected, terrain. Central to it has been the fight against Stalinism, the attempt to understand it, the battle to wipe the labour movement clean of it.

The Fate volume 2 surveys and documents for the first time the formative debates in the 1940s between the two main strands into which Trotskyism divided.

Table of Contents
  • Introduction, by Sean Matgamna
  • Preface (Leon Trotsky and C L R James)
  • Chapter 1: Stalin’s Russia: a socialist community?
  • Chapter 2: Defend Russia in Hitler-Stalin Poland?
  • Chapter 3: Finland, Baltics, Romania, Iran. 1939-41: Russian imperialism?
  • Chapter 4: A bureaucratic-proletarian revolution?
  • Chapter 5: The USSR at war
  • Chapter 6: “Trotsky’s Red Army” in World War Two. "Bureaucratic-proletarian revolution" II
  • Chapter 7. Stalinist Russia: degenerated workers’ state or exploitative class society?
  • Chapter 8. Petty-bourgeois opposition, proletarian party?
  • Chapter 9. Legends of the fall
  • Chapter 10. Leon Trotsky is dead? Long live Trotsky!
  • Chapter 11. War and the USA
  • Chapter 12. The revolutionary party
  • Chapter 13. The working class is central
  • Essays

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